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驗證碼: 看不清,請換一張
請清理瀏覽器歷史資料(cache),以使SSO新增功能可以正常運作。 為強化資安防護,本校單一登入(SSO)擬於3月29日(二)10:00起增加驗證碼功能,使用上若有任何問題請聯絡圖資處施威志2521、祝堅志2545。
Please clear your browser history (cache) so that the new SSO feature can work properly. To enhance data security, a verification code is added to the Single Sign-on (SSO) system starting at 10 a.m. on March 29, 2022. Please direct your inquiries to Mr. Wei-Chih Shih (ext. 2521) and Mr. Chien-Chih Chu (ext. 2545) at the Office of Library and Information Services.